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Why there are no FAANG headquarters in Bangladesh | Explo24

Why there are no FAANG headquarters in Bangladesh

In our daily life, FAANG is giving us a good service. But what is this FAANG? I’m going to tell you that, just give me some time. First of all, you have to know the importance of tech. Actually, now a day tech is mixed with our life. We use tech facilities to make our life much easier. And to do this some companies are helping us. Like you are reading about FAANG on this website. So, this website is helping you to gain knowledge. So, we can say that tech is just mixed with our blood.


What’s FAANG / FAANG meaning / FAANG full form ?

FAANG means Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google. These all are the tech giants. And in short form, we call them FAANG. So, now you know what is FAANG. One more important piece of information is, there are also a lot of tech giants out there, like Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Cisco, Foxconn, and many more.


Why FAANG is important in our life?

People are busy with using devices | FAANG

I think you don’t have this question. But if you have then you are going to know about this.

Like everyone uses Facebook. It’s one of the most popular social media in this world and the most used social media in Bangladesh. 30.4% of Bangladesh’s entire population uses Facebook.

If we talk about Apple, like any other country Bangladeshi people also like this brand. A lot of people want Apple products. If we talk about Google, it’s the most popular and powerful tech giant on Earth. Everyone uses google facilities. Google search engine, Gmail, Google Drive, and many more. We also use YouTube and it’s a facility of Google (Actually the facility of Alphabet Inc. The owner of Google).

Netflix gives us a good enjoyable time and Amazon gives us good products. So, FAANG is just an awesome tech giant.



Like any other company, you can also buy FAANG stocks. Like Facebook stock, Apple stock, Amazon stock, Netflix stock, and also Google stock. The stock market is a huge discussion. It’s may help you to earn money, you can work on the stock market as a full-time job or maybe for your pocket money! It’s really on to you.


FAANG in Bangladesh

faang | Bangladesh map
FAANG | Bangladesh Map

Here we come to the main and the most important point. Why there are no FAANG headquarters in Bangladesh? The main reason is the users. That’s true that a lot of Bangladeshi people use Facebook, Google, Netflix, and other tech giants’ facilities. But it’s still a little number of users for the tech giants. Like our neighbor country India, there are four Facebook headquarter, four Google headquarter, six Amazon headquarter.

It’s possible in India because there are a lot of users in India. India is a huge country with a 1.38 billion population. And the population of Bangladesh is only 164.7 million but it’s huge for a small country. So, we have a small country with a huge population. The companies don’t see how big is the country, they notice how many users they have from the country. So, from Bangladesh, they may have 30 million users (I just guess the number) and it’s a small number of users for them, actually a very small number.

India is also called by The CEO Bazar. Just look at Google, the CEO of Google is Sundar Pichai, who is an Indian. So, it’s natural that India has four Google headquarter. That means Bangladesh has to do something for those companies, and by doing some important thing as Bangladeshi they may take Bangladesh as an important country for them.

And a lot of other country’s rich people invest in these companies. But, in our country, it’s not a regular or normal thing. They don’t even invest in Bangladeshi companies. Bangladeshi people like to store their money in the bank but hesitate to invest money in startups or any company. Actually, we also have less knowledge in this case.

There is a possibility that the companies will build headquarters in Kolkata and this headquarters will also work for Bangladesh. Because Kolkata uses the Bangla language and in Bangladesh, it’s also the same. For that, they may think that it is the same case to build a headquarter in Bangladesh or Kolkata. And they have headquarters in India and for that, it’s easy to make a headquarter in Kolkata.

So, maybe if the users increase from Bangladesh and if the companies make a lot of money from Bangladesh, they may make a headquarter in Bangladesh. But if it’s going to happen, we have to wait for some years. They just have to realize that if they make a headquarter in Bangladesh it will be beneficial for them.


Why it’s important for Bangladesh

Actually, it’s very much important for Bangladesh. There are a lot of benefits for us. Let me tell you some of them.

It will help our students a lot. Because there are a lot of software engineers in Bangladesh. If they got a job in these FAANG companies they have gone to other countries. And think that there are headquartered in Bangladesh, so they don’t need to leave their family, and there is no need to leave Bangladesh. They can work for them by staying in Bangladesh. It will be a great help for our students.

Let me give you another example, think that we have Amazon in our country (Bangladesh). If it’s possible we can buy our important products easily. Like I will use Amazon to buy other country’s books with real copies. I don’t need to buy pirated versions anymore. It will great help for me and like me, you guys also can buy expensive things from Amazon without any doubts.

If this headquarters is made in Bangladesh a lot of people will get jobs. The number of unemployed people will decrease because those are very big companies and for that, they need a lot of employees, which will be a great benefit for Bangladesh.

It’s will also help to increase our countries economy. And the more important benefit is, it’s will help to make our country a really good Digital Bangladesh. The dream of every Bangladeshi will come true.

There are also a lot of benefits. But I think those are the most important. So, at the last, I have to say that we just have to support them, and we have to wait for the time when they gonna make headquarters in Bangladesh.

At the last, the main theme is, we have to do our best to make our country a better Digital Bangladesh.

Why there are no FAANG headquarters in Bangladesh

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