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Beautiful Bangladesh: Is It Worth Visiting? | Explo24
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Beautiful Bangladesh: Is It Worth Visiting?

After a long work time, need some relief from your busy life? But don’t have enough money to visit luxury places like Dubai or Maldives. Well, there are countries like Bangladesh which are natural hub of beauty for the visitors. Besides, the best thing is that you can visit this country in a very affordable cost. If you are not sure about your beautiful Bangladesh travel plan then let’s give you some points to think again. You just need to hover down to know what it has to offer.

World Heritage Sites

There are three world heritage sites in Beautiful Bangladesh. Do you know which country has the largest mangrove forest in the world? Bangladesh is the answer and it is known as Sundarbans. It is home to around 200 Royal Bengal Tigers. There are many local tourism agencies which can arrange budget-friendly or luxury mangrove visit according to your desire. Ruins of the Buddhist monastic complex is also another well-known world heritage site in the nation.

It is believed to be built by King Dharma Pala Deva (2nd king of the Pala Dynasty). The third one is the Mosque City of Bagerhat which ancient name was Khalifatabad. Sixty Dome Mosque, Nine Dome Mosque, Singar Mosque are some of the oldest mosque in the town. The biggest mosque of the country, Sixty Dome Mosque was built by Ulugh Khan Jahan, A Bengal Sultanate. You need to have at least one week in hand if you want to travel all of the three Bangladesh World Heritage Sites.

Shopping at Bangladesh

Beautiful Bangladesh: Is It Worth Visiting?
Bangladeshi Garment cloths | www.explo24.com

Bangladesh has a huge cloth industry. They are the world third largest cloth exporter. As you are planning to visit Beautiful Bangladesh so don’t forget to shop some cloths for you and your family. You are going to get great quality on hand without spending much. Even the top brand cloths are cheap in this country. Besides, book lover need to have a look at the Bangla Bazar or Nilkhet book stores for old vintage books at a reasonable prize. We can also buy some traditional cloths of Bangladesh as a remembrance of visiting this green country.

Food to Taste in Bangladesh

People at Bangladesh love biryani. You need to visit Old Dhaka to taste the best biryani at the town. If you visit Old Dhaka then don’t forget to taste the traditional cookies, “Bakarkhani.” Besides, different town of the country has different types of foods to offer. Business capital Chattogram is well-known for the meat dish “Majban.” The national fish of Bangladesh is “Ilish” which is also very popular as food among the locals. Taste local sweet deserts whenever you get the chance.

Longest Sea Beach in the World

Beautiful Bangladesh: Is It Worth Visiting?
Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach

You may have seen many beautiful sea beaches in your life. But enjoying a long sea beach is different.  You can walk hours and hours without coming to the end of the beach. Cox’s Bazar is the longest sea beaches on the world which is located in Bangladesh. Local people usually pact on a small area. If you walk a little from the crowd then you can easily have your own personal beach area. Luxury hotels, sea food restaurants, parasailing, all are available in this place in a very affordable price. Besides, you can also find beautiful hotel rooms in less than $10 during off season. October to March is the peak season of Cox’s Bazar, so if you are in a budget then try to travel off this month.


Beautiful Bangladesh: Is It Worth Visiting?
Source: cdn.getyourguide.com

Ratargul is a swamp forest located in the Sylhet District of Bangladesh. You are going to see some incredible view on your journey. You will need a boat for this journey which will not cost you more than $10. Half marge forest with birds in top of them makes a perfect spot for photo shoot. There is also a watch tower which will allow you to enjoy 360 degree view of the swamp forest. As it is little far from the main Sylhet district, it is better to start the journey early when sun is not above your head. You can also hire umbrellas for the ride from locals in a dollar.

Things to Do in Dhaka

If you planning to visit for one day and only want to see things near Dhaka then don’t worry there are plenty to do in Dhaka as a traveler. You can check out the Lalbagh Fort and Ahsan Manzil in Old Dhaka. Lalbagh Fort is a Mughal fort with a beautiful garden to get rid of the chaos of the busy town and Ahsan Manzil is also known as pink palace build by the Nawab of Dhaka. Nearby, there are also some historical places in Sonargaon. Panam City and Sonargaon Museum is a must visit place for you when you are in Dhaka.

Special Occasion of Bangladesh

Beautiful Bangladesh: Is It Worth Visiting?
Mangal_Shobhajatra_in_Dhaka | Shorce: wikimedia

Bangla is the national language of Bangladesh. This country has history of giving blood to preserve its right to speak its mother tongue. UNESCO has declared 21st February as International Mother Language Day regarding the sacrifice of Bangladesh students for their language on 21st February 1952.

The day is observed around the country with great honor and flower the “Shaheed Minar” (Martyr Monument). Another day is “Pohela Boishakh” which is also known as Bangla New Year. Colorful rally comes out Dhaka University and people wear the nation traditional clothes. Boys go out with the Panjabi and girls wear Saree. You are going to see a celebrating nation if you are able to visit Bangladesh in this special occasions.

People of Bangladesh

No offense, but Bangladesh is new to the tourist industry. People are not so familiar with foreign visitors. You are going to catch some eye when you walk on the roads. But people of Bangladesh are very humble and polite to their foreign visitors. You just need to ask for help and they are ready to do anything for you. In some tourist spot, you may face some scammer so make sure that you stay away from them. Young peoples are more helpful and try to get help from them if you are in any sort of trouble.

Bangladesh has the longest natural sea beach in the world. What does your country have? Tell us in the comment section.

Beautiful Bangladesh: Is It Worth Visiting?
Source: hfgproject
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